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BADGER 100-5-LGF LGF重力供料噴槍-細頭

BADGER 100-5-LGF LGF重力供料噴槍-細頭

定價 $2,702.00 TWD
定價 售價 $2,702.00 TWD
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Badger 100-5-LGF LGF Gravity Feed Airbrush – Fine Head

▪ Badger 出品
▪ Badger Airbrush 系列的相關產品
▪ 產品編號: BG-10005

Introducing the Badger 100-5 Airbrush

This Badger 100-5 airbrush allows you to achieve fine detail to background coverage with ease.

A 1/3 oz. (10.5ml) permanently mounted color cup lets you get close to your work and allows for easy cleaning and color changing.

This airbrush has been the long-standing choice of fine artists, illustrators, and small-scale modelers.


  • Self-lubricating PTFE needle bearing enables continuous proper paint flow and prevents needle wear.
  • Non-slip one-piece trigger.
  • PTFE head seal assures efficient paint flow.
  • Winged back lever design for easy re-assembly and smooth trigger control.
  • Spray Pattern (F) Fine: Pencil lines to 51mm.


  • Badger Model 100-5 LG fine gravity feed airbrush
  • Adjusting spanner
  • Nozzle guard
  • Cup lid

Experience the precision and versatility of the Badger 100-5 airbrush, trusted by professionals for its exceptional performance and control.

這款Badger 100-5噴槍讓您輕鬆地實現細節到背景的完美覆蓋。




  • 自潤滑PTFE針軸軸承,保證連續的適當噴漆流動,防止針軸磨損。
  • 防滑一體式扳機。
  • PTFE頭部密封,確保優異的噴漆流動。
  • 翼形背部槓桿設計,便於重新組裝和平滑的扳機控制。
  • 噴霧模式(F)細節:鉛筆線條至51毫米。


  • Badger Model 100-5 LG細節重力供料噴槍
  • 調節扳手
  • 噴嘴保護套
  • 杯蓋

體驗Badger 100-5噴槍的精確性和多功能性,這是專業人士信賴的選擇,以實現卓越的性能和精確的控制。





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